DLNA Certification Newsletter | June 2018

We have had some interesting products become DLNA Certified in the last year in new product categories. We would like to highlight a few of them for you.



We now have DLNA certified Audio Video systems in cars thus carrying and streaming personal content anywhere on the go


Virtual Reality


Stream your media files to your VR device headset with DLNA! Once you connect to a common network, you can stream your media from any DLNA server - game consoles, PCs, NAS devices, etc. on the network to your VR headset.


Other Certified Device Types-

Cameras, Televisions, Mobile phones, Projectors, PCs, NAS devices, Routers, Gateways, Blu-Ray and AV devices, Speakers and more

Stream your content anytime anywhere across devices without any need to duplicate them.




DLNA Test Tool versions

The latest DLNA Test Tool versions are:

  • Conformance Test Tool: CTT v2.0.4.4
  • Media Capabilities Verification Tool: MCVT v3.0.3.9
  • Golden DMS: v1.0.1
  • Golden DMC: v1.0.1
  • Golden DMPR: v1.0.2

Please contact dca@spirespark.com for obtaining an invoice for purchase of any of these Tools.

Companies are not required to pay the DLNA Membership fee of $10,000 USD anymore and would need to pay only for the Purchase of Tools or their Device Certifications.



The DLNA Conformance Test Tool (CTT) and Media Capabilities Verification Tool (MCVT) tests can be automated to be run without manual intervention. Companies interested in setting up Automation can contact SpireSpark DCA for assistance.

Companies may contact SpireSpark for any other QA assistance. SpireSpark staff are qualified and equipped to support you with any of your QA needs.



Need assistance with setting up or maintaining a Certification Program?  We offer multiple services in this area. 


Certification/Conformance Program Solutions

  • Certification program development
    • Self-certification based
    • Test lab based
  • Test tool development and maintenance
  • Transition to self-certification model
  • Test plans and policies
  • Test lab selection and training
  • Infrastructure, databases and automated systems
  • New feature additions
  • Technical dispute resolution
  • Certification operations and fee structures
  • Assist workgroups with certification solutions


Standards Engineering, Technical and QA Services

  • Specification/requirements
  • Monitor and influence the direction of technical standards
  • Use cases and design architecture
  • Technical editing
  • QA consulting and automation
  • Risk analysis
  • Information Security Compliance
  • Consulting


Certification Documents

All DLNA Certification Documents including the Certification Test Plan, Certification Process Document, Test Bed Matrix, Test Bed Known Issue Lists, Test Tool Known Issue Lists and DLNA Content List can be downloaded from our Web Certification System under Certification Documents.

Please contact dca@spirespark.com for other documents or details if required.


Best Regards,

Nisha Bhaskaran

Chief Technology Officer

SpireSpark International