DLNA Newsletter January 2019

SpireSpark International would like to wish all our DLNA clients a very Happy New Year!

We would like to also share information about the products certified in 2018 and give updates on upcoming changes.

Highlights for DLNA Certification in 2018

Automotive uses of DLNA continue to expand and there were ten Automotive Devices certified last year, a highest ever for this category.  DLNA enabled rear-seat infotainment systems allow passengers to connect their smart devices for video, audio and images.

Devices Certified in 2018

Here is a snapshot of the devices certified in 2018.

Category  Total devices certified

Televisions 408

Digital Cameras and Camcorders 24

DVD and Bly-Ray devices 22

Network Attached Storage 20

Mobile devices 15

Automobile devices 10

Gateways 9

Audio-Video systems 5

Projectors 4

Set-Top Boxes 3

Self-Certification is now open for Servers and Controller devices for DLNA 2.0 and 3.0

Self-certification was earlier restricted to only DLNA 3.0 Client devices, namely DMP, M-DMP, DMR, +UP+ and +DN+ devices.

It is now possible to do self-certifications for DLNA 2.0 and 3.0 Client, Server and Controller devices. The device classes and capabilities for self-certification include DMS, M-DMS, DMC, M-DMC, +PU+, UDO, DS, DMP, M-DMP, DMR, +UP+ and +DN+.

To qualify for self-certification a company must have at least one successful ICV DLNA certification for the same device class being certified.

Contact dca@spirespark.com for the Self-Certification Test Plans and for any other details.

For more details on certification pricing: https://spirespark.com/dlna/certification-pricing/


Change of location of Bugzilla DLLs, Test Tools and Golden Devices

The storage location for the Bugzilla DLLs, DLNA Test Tools and Golden Devices has been moved from the DLNA FTP site to the Amazon S3 site.

For more details, please contact dca@spirespark.com


Alert! Price increases

The price of all DLNA Tools will be increasing February 1st, 2019.

Please refer to https://spirespark.com/test-tools-pricing/

If you are not familiar with the DLNA Tools, you can sample them. To arrange a trial version of the tools, please contact dca@spirespark.com


The price of all DLNA Certifications will be increasing March 1st, 2019.  To take advantage of the current prices, certifications must be paid for by February 28th.

Please refer to https://spirespark.com/dlna/certification-pricing/



Article on “8 of the Best DLNA Streaming Apps for Android” https://www.maketecheasier.com/dlna-streaming-apps-android/


DLNA Links

DLNA Certified Products: https://spirespark.com/dlna/products

DLNA Test Labs (ICVs): https://spirespark.com/dlna/independent-certification-vendors/

DLNA Guidelines/Specifications: https://spirespark.com/dlna/guidelines/

DLNA Certification Pricing: https://spirespark.com/dlna/certification-pricing/

DLNA Tools Pricing: https://spirespark.com/test-tools-pricing/

Web-Based Certification System for DLNA Certification: https://spirespark.com/dlna/webbased-certification-system/

DLNA Certification Documents – Test Plans, Test Bed Matrix, Tool Known Issue Lists - https://certification.dlna.org/documents.aspx



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