With SpireSpark, there is never a need to worry about finding the right skill set at the right time. End-to-end certification and conformance management eliminates the need for disparate hiring. We can manage the plethora of technical and consulting expertise needed. With us, you avoid the risk of wasted investments due to gaps, incomplete workflow, or mismanagement. SpireSpark has the breadth and depth of consulting and technical expertise to make your program’s success guaranteed.

Andi Hall

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Andi is a technology executive with experience in both corporate and start-up environments. She has a reputation in the industry as the go-to person for advice on setting up certification and conformance programs for technology standards. She has over 15 years of experience in strategic planning, software design and development, business development, program management, operations and risk management. She successfully ran DLNA’s Certification Program for 10 years and prior to that served as a technical standards representative for HP in multiple association working groups. As the CEO of SpireSpark, she sets the strategy for establishing organizational direction. She holds a BS in Information Technology and is pursuing an MSc in Information Security at Royal Holloway, University of London. 

Nisha Bhaskaran

chief Technology officer (CTO)

Nisha has over 15 years of experience in digital connectivity standards certification, including DLNA, HDMI, UPnP, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Open IPTV and USB standards. At DLNA she worked to expand and maintain their Certification Program. She was previously in charge of the Interoperability Center at Philips Bangalore and was the Philips representative in multiple standards working groups. At SpireSpark, Nisha manages the DLNA Certification Program and consults with companies and standards organizations to assist them in preparing a high quality certification or conformance program setup for their technology.  She specializes in test planning, test policies, dispute resolution and work group processes for consensus building. She has a BS in Engineering – Information Technology.

Ralph Dale-Jones

Director of Software engineering

Ralph has over twenty years of experience in the software industry, primarily in software design, performance modeling, simulation and testing. While at Motorola he was the software architect for the UPnP/DLNA implementation, representing Motorola on several DLNA committees. He has been responsible for the best-in-class certification tools and tests of the DLNA Certification test suite for over seven years. At SpireSpark he consults with associations and companies on their testing needs and manages the development, support, and maintenance of the DLNA Test Tools. He has a BSc in Mathematics, an MSc in Information Technology and a PhD in Engineering (Image processing); he is moderately fluent in Chinese having spent seven years in China, one of which teaching at Beijing Engineering University.