DLNA Certification Newsletter | September 2017

In this month’s newsletter, we would like to share with you a video on how DLNA Tool testing can be automated and give you an overview of some of our recently certified interesting devices.

We would also like to share some useful articles on Interoperability testing and DLNA’s role in Home entertainment.


DLNA Test Tool Automation

Automation of testing has numerous advantages, some of them being – overnight runs such that the results are available by morning for the tester, tests running without manual intervention and hence leads to lesser head count, dependable testing, using the staff for performing more useful activities rather than monotonous testing.

The DLNA Digital Media Server and Renderer tests are already automated to a large extent. This video shows us how to automate the DLNA CTT testing for Controllers, i.e. Digital Media Player, Digital Media Controller, Manual tests for Digital Media Server, Upload Controller, Download Controller and Push Controller.

For the video, please click here: DLNA Test Tool Automation Video


Recent DLNA Certified devices

In the last few months, we have had a wide variety of Product Types being certified. 

  •          Mobile Devices
  •          Televisions
  •          Routers
  •          Cameras
  •          Music systems
  •          Automotive AV System
  •          DVD/Blu-Ray players
  •          Network Attached Storages
  •          Set Top Boxes
  •          Projectors

DLNA is helping users transfer or stream their data across varied product types and brands with guaranteed interoperability and ease.

For more details on the certified devices, you can visit the Product Search Page


Golden DMP/DMR- an overview

The Golden DMP/DMR is now the only device using for Server and Control point Interoperability testing during DLNA Certification. The Golden DMP/DMR is a fully functional DMP and DMR device that supports all certifiable DLNA media format profiles. All Trickmodes operations and methods can be easily configured to test different use cases in your server and controller devices. The Golden DMP/DMR will be the only DLNA Test Bed device used while certifying DMS, M-DMS, DMC, M-DMC and +PU+ devices

For a video on the usage of Golden DMP/DMR, please click here: Golden DMP/DMR Video



DLNA in the News

  • Importance of Interoperability Testing for Consumer Electronic Devices

by Nisha Bhaskaran, Certification Program Director, SpireSpark International


  • Role of DLNA in Home entertainment



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Nisha Bhaskaran

Certification Program Director

SpireSpark International