Leveraging more than a decade of success in designing and managing certification programs and test tool development, SpireSpark is the best option at any step of development. We recommend engaging early as a well-written specification is key to rapid market entry, reduced costs and successful interoperability.


Certification program development

Create and develop all aspects needed to launch a certification program. Work with existing documents, or design from scratch, the needed test specifications, test plans, test tools, revenue plans, fee structures, dispute resolution processes and policies. Set up the operations and infrastructure necessary to launch successful programs, select and train test labs, and provide necessary staffing or train and assist existing staff.

Transition to Self-Certification Model

Take an existing certification program and put in place all the changes necessary in tools, testing and policies to transition to a simple, secure and viable self-certification program.

Test tool development

Tool design focused on modularization, code re-use and long-term investment. Creation of tools that will stand the test of time, platform changes, feature adds, and are easy to maintain. Automation features can be added, reducing QA costs and freeing up engineering resources to work on product development.

Test plans and policies

Review current documents and provide suggested edits for clarity and improved functionality. Draft new test plans to ensure every guideline will be tested properly and sensibly, and new test policies to outline how to conduct tests within program protocols.

Test lab selection and training

Find, review, and select test labs needed for conformance testing. Train the labs so they can understand and will correctly carry out your certification test plans and policies. Maintain regular contact as new feature additions are released to keep labs up-to-date.


Build systems to function as submission points for customers using your certification programs, as well as databases for certified products or bug submissions.


Keep your certification or conformance program running at peak efficiency and profitability. Regularly review all aspects of a system, from fee structures to infrastructure, so that needed upgrades can be made quickly and successfully.

Feature additions

Adapt current certification or conformance systems for incoming feature additions. Make the update smoothly and effectively.

Dispute resolution

Resolve customer disputes after analyzing all aspects of a situation, whether the dispute is regarding a possible error by a test lab or a question on policy.

Building Consensus in Work Groups

Work with members of committees or other work groups to find consensus and viable solutions. Proven record of finding innovative solutions to difficult technical and political problems.

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