DLNA Certification Newsletter | May 2017 

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How was March and April? 

  • The Golden DMP/DMR was released and is now being used in DLNA Certification Testing. This device supports all DLNA certifiable Trickmodes and Media Format profiles and is a great tool for Interoperability testing of your devices.  

  • For a quick peek of the tool [Symbol] https://youtu.be/AOW1nl7lvYE 

The Golden Devices – DMS, DMC and DMP/DMR not only behave as Interoperability devices but are also a great tool to test various configurations and features of your device by setting different values to the Golden devices. 

To obtain the DLNA Test Tools or Golden DMS, DMC, DMP/DMR [Symbol] click here for the pricing https://spirespark.com/test-tools-pricing/ and write to dca@spirespark.com for purchase. 



The Importance of Clear Requirements  


A recent article on DLNA dissolution and SpireSpark International 




SpireSpark to speak on Certification and Compliance at PDX Standards Series 

Bridge City has been ground zero for technical bridge building for many years - come meet some of the people who have made Portland a world leader for standards development. 


Guest Speakers:  

Jeff Omelchuck Former Executive Director of EPEAT 

Andi Hall & Donna Moore SpireSpark International 

When: Tuesday May 16, 2017, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm 

Where: Ater Wynne LLP, 1331 NW Lovejoy St. 9th Floor, Portland, OR  97209 


SpireSpark QA Services 

Companies may contact SpireSpark for any QA assistance required for DLNA related testing or other technologies as well. SpireSpark staff are qualified and equipped to support you with any of your QA needs. 


DLNA Certification Documents 

Companies can access all the DLNA Certification Documents, including the Certification Test Plan, Certification Process, Tool Known Issue Lists, Test Bed Matrix and the Content File list by logging into their WCS account https://certification.dlna.org/documents.aspx 

Please contact DCA to obtain access to the WCS. 


You can find more information on the DLNA Tools, Golden devices, Certification updates, Documents and SpireSpark QA Services in the SpireSpark Certification Blog. 


Please direct your questions or comments to dca@spirespark.com or nisha@spirespark.com


Nisha Bhaskaran 

SpireSpark Certification Program Manager