DLNA Certification Updates | Transition

DLNA Certification Will Be Offered by SpireSpark International

On January 5, 2017, the official press release announcing the dissolution of DLNA was published. Even though DLNA will dissolve, DLNA Certification activities and Test Tools will continue and be managed by a newly formed professional services firm, SpireSpark International.  

Starting on February 1, SpireSpark will offer the DLNA Certification Program and DLNA Test Tools to any company, with no membership fees required. The team well-versed in all aspects of DLNA Certification will continue to run the program. The process will be as seamless as possible for current certifying members, with the Web-based Certification System (WCS) still used as the interface for Certification and the same ICVs used for testing.

For additional questions regarding the dissolution of DLNA, please read the FAQ at this link: DLNA Dissolution FAQ.


DLNA Certification and Test Tool Fees

Starting on February 1, 2017, a new fee structure will go into effect for DLNA Certification and Test Tools. SpireSpark offers a way to maintain access to these services and resources even after DLNA has dissolved.

Please find the links below:

DLNA Certification Fees

DLNA Test Tool Fees

To obtain invoices for Test Tools, please email dca@spirespark.com.  


Current Test Tool Activations

To ease the transition from DLNA to SpireSpark, all current DLNA members will be able to access their Test Tools until the date that their DLNA membership would have expired.

As a courtesy, we have extended the test tool activation expirations for all companies whose keys were expiring in January or early February 2017. These companies will have had their DLNA Test Tool Activations extended through February 28, 2017. It is our hope that this will help companies transition and not lose development or test time.


Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

To continue using the WCS, or for companies new to the WCS, a mutual NDA will need to be signed.

Please find the link here: SpireSpark Mutual NDA

Signed copies may be sent to dca@spirespark.com


Certification Mark License Agreement (CMLA)

To use the DLNA Certified Logo on Certified devices, a new CMLA will need to be signed.

Please find the link here: CMLA for DLNA Certification

Signed copies may be sent to dca@spirespark.com 


Questions and Comments

Companies can use the following email addresses to send any questions or comments to SpireSpark.

dca@spirespark.com – For questions related to DLNA Certification, Test Tools, DLNA invoicing, Guidelines and Testing issues, the Web-based Certification System (WCS), DLNA device submission, interoperability, or any other DLNA Certification support questions. Note that future updates regarding DLNA Certification will come from dca@spirespark.com, so please add this email address to your safe list.

info@spirespark.com – General inquiry for SpireSpark.

Please note, in addition to DLNA Certification and Test Tools, SpireSpark offers many other technical and association management services. To view SpireSpark’s full list of services, click here:


Please direct your questions or comments on this newsletter to dca@spirespark.com or nisha@spirespark.com.


Nisha Bhaskaran

DLNA Certification Manager