With experience in building, maintaining, and winding down associations and alliances, SpireSpark is the proven choice at any stage.


Executive director consulting

Set the strategy for establishing organizational direction, pull together Board of Directors, form liaisons with other groups, meet with attorneys to establish association/alliance legality, build appropriate operations and financial infrastructure.

Membership and certification fee structures

Analyze strategic plans and budgets to create membership and certification fee structures that find the perfect balance of bringing in funds while remaining financially reasonable for customers. Develop a recruitment plan to effectively attract new members and a renewal process to maintain current members.

Pre- and post-association/alliance launch management

Establish and execute all steps needed before and after a launch, including outlining organization structure, establishing mission and vision, hiring legal counsel for Incorporation and formation documents, determining support staff, and setting up communities and working groups. Provide guidance through the entire process so that the organization is launched efficiently, legally, and with the assurance of success.

Logo mark strategy

Develop key messaging documents that clearly establish rules for using logos. Hire appropriate vendors to create new logos, create marketing strategies to promote logos, and determine licensing agreements and processes.

Finding the right association management group for your needs

Analyze the specific needs of an organization and find the right group that will fit the needs of the association/alliance. Request and evaluate bids to find the perfect company.

Supporting in-house operations transitions

Provide steps to guide an organization from association management to in-house management, including preparing and reviewing contracts, setting up human resources, and evaluating staff.

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