The Value of Certification to Organizations:

Companies spend time, money and resources in the development of standards for interoperability. An effective conformance/certification program is the only way to improve return on investment and reduce the risks and costs associated with the development of specifications. Certification is the key for consumer confidence in company products and market credibility.

Why Have a Certification/Conformance Program?
• Speeds time to market for products
• Increases the longevity of the standard in the market
• Improves product quality
• Increases consumer satisfaction with products thus maintaining per unit profit margins
• Differentiates products - creating a competitive advantage in the market
• Provides confidence to customers as to the reliability of the product

Recommendations for SpireSpark from Industry Leaders

I highly recommend the SpireSpark team to work with startup consortiums, as they have full support in place and some of the most highly talented people that I have met in the standards organizations related to process and certification. I learned a lot from working with the team.

— Abdul Khan, Compliance and Interoperability Chair, HomeGrid Forum


Allegro worked with the SpireSpark team when they were part of DLNA. We enjoyed the professional competence and technical excellence of the team, and are sure they will continue to deliver solid value to their customers.

— Bob Van Andel, President, Allegro Software


I had the pleasure of working with the SpireSpark team on DLNA certification. I was particularly impressed with SpireSpark's professionalism in handling the certification process and timely response to queries. SpireSpark has really helped us advance in multimedia streaming technology. I heartily recommend SpireSpark and would be happy to work with the team again.

— Dan Lin, Product Manager, QNAP Systems, Inc.


SpireSpark’s commitment to developing, running, and continually updating certification programs is clear in the care they have taken with the DLNA Certification Program. From the program’s early planning and inception to its successful adoption in the ecosystem, the SpireSpark team showed a clear vision every step of the way. I would recommend them for building a new certification or conformance program or upgrading or managing a current program.

-- Pawel Furman, Business Development Manager, Comarch Technologies

Some of the companies our team has worked with