Certification Services

Leveraging more than a decade of success in designing and managing certification programs and test tool development, SpireSpark offers services in the following areas:

Operationalize Certification or Conformance Programs

Work with existing test plans and policies to set up the operations and IT necessary to launch successful programs. Provide necessary staffing or train and assist existing staff.

Design and Establish Certification or Conformance Programs

Develop technology specifications and design all test plans, tools, revenue plans, fee structures, dispute resolution processes and policies that are needed to establish a program.

Test Tool Design and Architecture

Study specifications and work with clients to design robust tools to test implementations of the specifications. Create Requests for Proposal (RFPs) and Statements of Works (SOWs). Acquire and manage tool vendors. Lead code reviews, QA and defect management processes.

Test Tool Automation

Add automation features to test tools, reducing QA costs and freeing up engineering resources to work on product development.

R&D/Prototype Development

Create prototypes and proofs of concept for new specifications to ensure they are technically possible to implement.

Quality Assurance (QA) Consulting

Provide full inspection of QA processes with recommendations on improvements.

Technical Editing and Specification Writing

Attend work groups, contribute to the writing of technical and/or test specifications, and supply a resident expert for work groups. Provide IEC submission prep and other technical editing needs.

Reference Content Creation and Validation

Create reference conformant content that exercises a range of test vectors. Validate existing media against its specifications

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